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Email suggestion 1

Dear Member of Parliament,

I am writing to express my total frustration at the Police administration of the Arms Act in respect of the importation of firearms and their parts.

Applications have been taking many, many months to be approved, requiring numerous phone calls, e-mails and visits to the local arms office, to resolve issues. Frequently by the time the permit is approved the supplier has given up and sold the items or they are no longer in stock. Permits are valid for 12 months, however if that time is exceeded then the police require a new application, rather than just reissue the permit with a new date.

Finally if goods arrive in the country before the permit is issued or the documentation is incorrect then they are confiscated with no recourse to obtaining a retrospective import permit.

Email suggestion 2

Dear Member of Parliament

I applied for my firearm licence on (date), as of (date) I have yet to receive my licence. I consider this delay excessive and wonder if the Police Arms administration is adequately funded.

Email suggestion 3

Dear Member of Parliament,

I am writing you to express my concern at the way in which Police are administering the Arms Act. I am not happy with the way Police are writing policy, administering and enforcing the Act in the way in which they do. They are not administering the Act the way it was intended. Police are treating us vetted, security checked, fit and proper tax paying voters like we are criminals and I’m tired of it. If you want my vote and the vote of the other 242,000 licenced holders then I ask you to do something about it. 

Email suggestion 4

Dear Member of Parliament

I applied for an import permit on (date). I have now waited (number of) months and have still not received the permit. What I am requesting to import is permissible by New Zealand law, yet I am being adversely affected by administration issues faced by New Zealand Police. I request you urgently look into whether New Zealand Police are being adequately funded to complete the tasks or whether administration of the Arms Act be given to another competent organisation.

Email suggestion 5

Dear Member of Parliament

I am extremely concerned at what has occurred over the last two years with firearms licencing and safety courses in New Zealand. The New Zealand Police have continued to finance and support the Mountain Safety Council (MSC) while I feel that the Council has failed to support the volunteers that deliver these successful courses to our communities.

I am aware that the MSC has lost many of their instructors as our community is a small one and we talk amongst ourselves. There is no leader, no training and no evaluations of instructors taking place anymore. 50 years of dedicated community involvement is on the brink of destruction due to one organisations need for change and no-one is listening to us. New Zealand’s Firearms safety education and licencing must continue in all if not more towns for our country to maintain its amazing low incident rates. 

In the 2017 Arms Code the Commissioner of Police writes a message that the success is due to the grass roots involvement of the volunteer instructors.  Yet the police who fund this community education are doing nothing to resolve the issue. 

Take a close look at the organisation that has changed the face of these firearms safety lectures, that has lost the trust and respect of so many volunteers nationwide and ask some questions yourselves. Ask us out in the community and we will show you the truth.

Email suggestion 6

Dear Member of Parliament,

I believe that when the Arms Act 1983 and Regulations 1992 were written that Parliament recognised that the prime purpose of the firearm security requirements was to keep firearms out of the hands of children and unauthorised persons and to deter opportunist theft, recognising that no level of security will prevent a determined thief with adequate time and tools gaining access.  Also that making the security measures too tough would have a negative impact on compliance.

The fact that these measures have been successful may be gauged by the steady fall in firearm homicide and suicide. 

I am therefore concerned that police are unilaterally imposing tougher security requirements on Licence holders without any meaningful consultation with the firearm sector.  This will increase the cost of firearm ownership and could result in more firearms ending up on the grey market.

Email suggestion 7

Dear Member of Parliament

The time to renew my licence was fast approaching and so I applied for this ____ (3) months prior to it lapsing. However, despite the interview and security being checked I have not received my licence. 

When I approached my Arms Officer about this the suggestion was that if my licence expired I would need to transfer my firearms to another licenced owner.

I don’t understand why the renewal is delayed so long and would like to request that you investigate Police resourcing in this regard.

Email suggestion 8

Dear Member of Parliament

Recently my security was checked as part of the licence renewal process. I have had my safe for over 10 (_________ insert how many) years, it has remained in the safe place and has passed all previous inspections. Now it appears that my safe is no longer compliant. How can this be the case?