COLFO is a non-profit organization run by committed volunteers. We have been representing the interests of Licensed Firearms Owners for 25 years and all of our work is made possible thanks to our members, and generous donations from our supporters. 

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Michael Dowling


PS - This campaign is totally crowdfunded, and without your help, we can’t fight for your rights as a responsible gun owner.  Donate now at to make sure there is someone on your side in the coming firearms debates.


Fees structure from 2018 onwards included as reference only.

  1. Full Membership   – available to any nationally representative society, association or organization ($5.00 per that Society’s individual member)
  2. Club Membership – available to any locally representative society, association or organization ($125-00, GST Inclusive)
  3. Corporate and Retail membership – available to any trade entity, whether trading nationally or locally. ($625-00 plus GST)
  4. Trade Membership – available to any trading entity comprising of a single store or retail outlet ($125-00 plus GST)
  5. Association Membership – available to any other society, association, organization or entity whose membership of the council would, in the opinion of the council, benefit the council or further the council’s first objective ($300.00-00 GST Inclusive)
  6. Individual and supporter’s membership – available to individuals as shall be approved by the Board of Management ($23-00)
  7. 100 Club ($100-00)